Eclipse 提示框背景色黑色解决方案




sudo apt install murrine-themes gtk-theme-switch



Please note, this issue has been resolved in Eclipse as of 8th November 2016. To have this fixed, please download one of the latest integration builds:
(The maintenance builds don’t have the patch at the time of writing 2016-11Nov-09Wed).

I wrote a patch that introduced a new preference in Eclipse “Information Background/Text” under General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts. This preference generates the correct color on Linux/Gtk (White background, black text).
See: Bug 505738 – Define a information hover color which JDT, CDT or others can use

Subsequently I made Javadoc colors inherit it’s color from that preference. See:
Bug 501742 – Default Javadoc text and background color should use colors consistent with Java editor background/foreground.

As an added bonus, it also works on the Dark Theme:
Bug 505851 – [Dark Theme] Style the HOVER_ colors for the dark theme